The solar dilemma

Solar is the buzz word one often runs into these days while breezing through any form of media. With Honourable Prime Minister of India inking pacts with Germany and African nations on renewable energy the notion seems to be catching fire and lately the idea has taken centre stage in many socio economical parlours.

alien solar 1
Price Evolution.       The industry is evolving by the day. Till now there has not been a set pattern being followed in the industry when it comes to the price structuring of solar plants. The customer in the market appears to be confused as to whom to believe and whom not to . When it comes to price there is considerable in-order and chaos. Customer does not want to dive into boring details . This solar dilemma furthet deepens when brand names thrown at him doesn’t ring a bell thanks to the Ad shy solar industry particularly in India. But when it comes to cars even a school going kid would know more about the engine specifications and tail lights of dozen brands than you and me. The point here is the general awareness of people about solar has not reached at comfortable levels from where they can negotiate a deal with superficial satisfaction.
A lot of companies and start-ups in the space also don’t show enough inclination to guide and educate the customer. In their desperation to sell their products they overcommit and then fail to deliver. This is not so healthy trend as it creates trust deficit in the environment and further confirm to the solar dilemma.
Sedan vs solar.      Let’s face it. For a common man solar is not an immediate requirement. It does not add to his oomph factor( few environment enthusiasts may disagree) and may not be a fashionable thing to own unlike cars. When she buys a car she generally overshoots her budget and stretches her finances. But she bargains to death if it comes to a solar plant on her rooftop. She compromises with the quality and settles for below average quality even after realizing that investment she has made is for at least 25 years.
Going by the definitions of assets and liabilities as preached by famous Robert kiyosaki of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ fame , liability is something which takes money out of your pocket and asset is something which puts money in your pocket and does so for prolonged period . I leave it to the readers to decide that which one is an asset and which one the pocket hole.


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